We Seek To…

Raise awareness and uplift artisans by utilizing their artwork to create unique and vibrant garments, by using sustainable materials.

​Work towards eliminating curable blindness across the world by donating a portion of our profit to perform procedures and surgeries, by supporting Seva Foundation.

Help mother earth by creating keepsake garments versus fast fashion.

Supporting Female Artisans
We seek to promote artisans who practice centuries-old techniques to create vibrant, handcrafted paintings.
Gift of Vision
Eliminate curable blindness globally by donating a portion of our profit to support Seva  Foundation.
We only use natural and organic materials to ensure a better future for our mother earth. We have a no plastic policy at Naytra, and our packaging materials are made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Our process


Supporting artisans


Produce responsibly


With passion


The gift of sight

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