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Naytra Couture

(Translation: “Eyes” – Pronunciation: “Neh-trah”)

Welcome to Naytra Couture – experience luxury that combines art and fashion to bring you an exclusive collection of vibrant, wearable art with our exclusive blouses and tunics, hand-rolled scarves, dresses, and men’s shirts.

Luxury With Vision

Enter the vibrant world of one-of-a-kind wearable art with our unique 100% pure mulberry silk tunics, tops, blouses, hand-rolled scarves, dresses, and men’s shirts and support our mission to empower and support female artists, take care of mother earth and also give the gift of sight.

Naytra Couture – Luxurious Silk Clothing That Makes a Bold Statement

You Deserve Exquisite Silk On Your Skin

Unique, Stunning, Timeless Beauty

Exquisitely Soft Material and based on paintings made by Artisans
Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk – Sustainable and Eco-friendly
A luxury collection of 100% organic mulberry silk tops, blouses, dresses, scarves, and men’s shirts.
Beautiful designs created from original paintings by folk artisans.

Our Story

Customer Stories

For Women. By Women.

Folk artists who have been keeping the 2,500-year-old heritage of Madhubani art alive, creating original artwork for Naytra’s mulberry silk scarf, tunic, and tops. Their paintings are not only vibrant, bright and intricate, they uplift your mood.

This is Naytra’s first founding principle.

We work directly with these dedicated female artists who are keeping the ancient folk art of Madhubani alive. We support them and their communities.

Learn more by meeting our artisans.

Meet The Artists

More Than Meets The Eye

“Naytra” means “eyes” in both Hindi and Sanskrit. Like Naytra, Seva is a small Sanskrit word with a big meaning! Seva means selfless service to others. We believe in Seva’s mission, vision, and philosophy and this coincided with Naytra’s mission to make the world a better and more “seeable” place.

Hence we feel honored to support Seva Foundation and our mission, by donating the gift of eyesight with every purchase made from Naytra.

This is Naytra’s second founding principle.

Proud partners with Seva Foundation, restoring sight through authentic silk expressions. The number of people Naytra has given the gift of eyesight to so far with your help… 55

See more and learn more about the synergy between Naytra and Seva by clicking the link below.

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Conscious Luxury

Sustainability means taking care of our Mother Earth. We all have the responsibility to ensure the best future possible for our future generations

At Naytra, we have adopted an absolutely no plastic policy. Additionally, all the packaging material used is made from recycled paper and is eco-friendly.

We are doing our part to help Mother Earth.

This is Naytra’s third founding principle.

Eco-friendly, sustainable materials ensuring a better future for the planet we share.

Learn more by clicking the link below.

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Join The Social Movement

At Naytra – we create one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces. Our mantra is that we provide

Luxury with Vison and Clothing that matters along with promoting Slow Conscious Fashion.

Naytra means “eyes” in both Hindi and Sanskrit. In Shakespeare’s words,  “eyes are the windows of the soul”. Our eyes are a window to our inner world —our feelings, thoughts, and views of the universe. With your help, Naytra would like to make this world a more “seeable” place!

We believe – What starts with Naytra (wearable art )– ends with Naytra (eyes).

Thank you for supporting local artisans, championing a sustainable product, and providing the gift of eyesight.