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Definition: Nature

The Scarf
The bird of a thousand eyes, the peacock represents femininity, luck, and beauty. These two peacocks, set against a vibrant fuchsia backdrop, strike a pose while gazing directly at the viewer.

Fabric: 100% Mulberry Silk
Weave: Satin
Size: 36″ x 36″

The Story
Prakriti is considered to be a feminine, creative energy that is ever present in nature – mother nature herself. To awaken prakriti is to awaken one’s primal power, and to reach one’s natural state of being.

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1 review for Prakriti

  1. Sashya Thind

    Absolutely love my new Naytra Prakriti Scarf!
    Vibrant colors and timeless design. The ordering process was seamless and the box it arrived in was beautifully packaged. Supporting a cause while sporting great design is amazing. All the best with your intitative Shagun!

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