Nirvana Scarf, Definition: The Final Liberation



Definition: The Final Liberation

The Scarf
Set against a mustard yellow backdrop, birds, flowers, and fish exist in harmony in the ultimate utopia. The red lotus contrasts and complements the blue fish on either side, while also serving as a pedestal for the duo of birds found throughout the scarf.

Fabric: 100% Mulberry Silk
Weave: Satin
Size: 36″ x 36″

The Story
Nirvana is the state in which an individual experiences no suffering as they are free from the cycle of rebirth. Considered to be the ultimate happiness, Nirvana represents freedom from desire, jealousy, attachment, and ignorance.


Nirvana Mulberry Silk Scarf Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Silk Scarves a Luxury?

Silk scarves have captured the hearts of many people all around the world. However, most people are unaware that there are many grades of silk wraps, which are determined by the production procedure and the silk’s quality.

An important benefit of these scarves is the superior material quality. Silk is an organic substance generated by the mulberry silkworm larvae in their cocoons, so it is mainly composed of the protein fiber fibroin. Moreover, silk scarves are inherently hypoallergenic, unlike other scratchy or unpleasant fabrics.

In addition, many businesses sell other types of silk clothes for a fair price, such as gloves, blouses, hair ornaments, etc. It depends on the business you are looking into.

Can I Machine Wash My Silk Scarves? Is It Okay to Use a Gentle Cycle, or Should I Hand-wash Them?

Buying silk is an investment; it isn’t as easy to care for as cotton. It is a soft fabric that should be purchased for a long-term commitment and should be kept in a place at body temperature. A Mulberry scarf, for instance, transcends seasons and is timeless.

We support the slow fashion movement, which emphasizes thoughtful and sustainable production.

Your investment pieces will remain fashionable for longer by receiving the proper care and storage. Also, how you wash, wear, and preserve your silk will affect how long it lasts.

The best method to preserve the delicate feel of your silk and extend its life is to leave the washing of your silk scarves in the hands of the professionals at a dry cleaning business or somewhere else where they’ll use lukewarm water to not damage the item.

This means that you cannot, under any circumstance, machine wash your scarves, not even if you use a gentle cycle. However, if you must wash your scarf, make sure to hand-wash it with lukewarm water to protect the silk.

How Do I Style a Mulberry Silk Scarf?

A Mulberry silk scarf is a stylish accessory that can be worn in various ways with different outfits. Silk scarves add charm and personality to your wardrobe for all occasions, from formal dinners to laid-back beach parties.

You can get a silk scarf wrapped around your neck or thrown over your shoulders to be used as a sarong while heading out for a casual fun day at the beach.

Some ladies enjoy belting themselves with silk scarves to enhance their waists by making an empire line on their dresses. It may even be used as a hat, handbag decoration, or on your hair.

High-quality silk scarves can be used as a hair accessory to create an endless variety of stunning outfits.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Silk Scarves?

Women have used silk accessories on their hair for millennia. The fabric’s exceptional soft qualities make it useful in all types of weather, but they also provide outstanding value due to its remarkable adaptability and various design possibilities.

Therefore, it can be a bit difficult to choose one for your hair. Keep reading to learn which aspects you must consider when purchasing a silk scarf.

The Quality of the Threads

If a scarf’s pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Mulberry silk scarves’ price is pretty high.

Nevertheless, you can do a quick test to ensure the material is authentic. If the scarf feels warm as you rub it between your hands, it is made of real silk. Moreover, the weight and thickness impact the fabric’s quality.

Length, Color, and Design

Consider when and how you’ll wear a silk scarf before buying one. Choose colors that can be easily combined, such as black, blue, and grey, if you want something you can use with many outfits.

Typically, these hues complement all styles of gowns and clothing. However, choosing other colors, such as pink, yellow, turquoise, etc., may help you amp up your aesthetics when shopping for summer clothing.

In terms of length, silk scarves are typically square, making them perfect to use as a sarong, bandana, or handkerchief. Nevertheless, choosing a longer rectangular design makes more sense if you want something more adaptable. They can also be used as shawls.

Moreover, Mulberry silk accessories are available in a range of patterns. Although hand-painted scarves are available, they aren’t too prevalent.

You may even find a business that allows you to add your initials to your scarves. Naturally, those are sold at a higher price than regular scarves.

The business’ quality

How a scarf is manufactured directly affects its quality. You can determine the manufacturer’s quality by analyzing the following two aspects:

  • Printing quality
  • The scarf’s finish

How vivid the colors are, how intricate the patterns are, and whether the colors deteriorate with time are all indications of printing quality. Screen printing and digital printing are both used to produce Mulberry silk accessories.

Although both have ups and downs, screen printing techniques are more common and well-liked, primarily because of the accuracy and precision it provides.

Safety Measures

Mulberry silk accessories have a built-in hypoallergenic quality. This implies that people with allergies to various garment materials can use Mulberry scarves without experiencing any adverse effects.

This is because silk is made of protein fibers and lacks harsh chemical treatments. The printing ink used to create beautiful designs is also safe for everyone.

In addition, if you love Mulberry silk accessories but are concerned about the environment, you can choose fair trade recycled silk scarves.

Are There Different Types of Silk Fibers?

Mulberry silk, Eri silk, Tasar silk, and Muga silk are the four main varieties of natural silk produced worldwide. Up to 90% of silk is produced from mulberries, with mulberry silkworms being the most significant contributor. Over 35 silk types are used to create clothing and home décor.

Many silkworm species can be used to produce silk, and each has unique attributes and characteristics that make it the ideal fabric for a particular type of clothing.

Where Should I Store My Silk Scarf?

The easiest way to preserve silk to minimize ironing is to hang it in a cool and dry location. It’s recommended not to fold or keep silk bunched up for long because it will wrinkle. Make sure your scarf is clean and placed in a ventilated fabric bag if you plan to keep it stored for an extended time.

Please, avoid plastic ones because they lock in moisture, and the fabric won’t be able to breathe. Another suggestion for long-term storage is to keep your silk scarf out of the sun to prevent color fading and fiber weakening. Remember that silk is a protein, so it might attract moths.

Therefore, if you put a natural moth repellent in the bag, your scarf will undoubtedly appreciate it.

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